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Trine Pettigrew

torsdag den 15. september 2011

September journal "Natures Palette". #1

I look around the garden and surrounding fields, trees and shrubs, and are amazed as to how nature works! The variaty of colour, all the tones of reds, greens and browns. Yes I know, a good mix of the primary spectrum is in these months allowed to roam free. No artificial additives for the next 6 months! Its apples, berries, pears, sugar beeds and rich dark soil. I know that I am dreaming...in three months time there are NO colours left, it will be just white! But for the next litle while, nature is having a laugh. I will try...to do one page a day, for the rest of the month, in the attempt to make my self like autumn, and to soak up all the colour, before the big white-out!

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  1. What a wonderful idea. I can't wait to see your pages. I miss fall most of all. It's my most loves season.