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I Art for fun, relaxation, living and learning.
I teach painting, printing and collage workshops, all around Europe, and get inspired in so many ways.
I hope to inspire you on your own art journey-
Please enjoy, and create!
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Trine Pettigrew

tirsdag den 28. februar 2012

The Black House Ant.

 Inspiration for my March page in my One to One Journal Swap w/ Letizia in Italy, came from 1. Thinking, that this year, I do not have a garden to dig! 2. A beautiful little stamp from my friend Tina in Sweden and the wellie tag also from Letizia. And 3. An artikel I stumbled across: The life of the Black House Ant.
 Wanted a simple, like a work sheet, field note look. "The food chain of the ant"!
And a coffee stain made this : "Coffee break in Garden".

søndag den 26. februar 2012

From Pink to Green.

 The Girly Girl from yesterday, ended up (photo copied) and very pink. Do not like.....
 Changed the background to green, and worked more red in the hair and stamped the hair and background.

Its been fun. I will do one on proper paper later :)

lørdag den 25. februar 2012


I keep seeing these painted faces all over the place! Another one showed up on my FB page today, hours of tutorial from a very sweet American girl. Okay. I know a journal in the European Circle Swap is coming my way soon, and the title is "Woman". So I think that I will work on this idea. This one is a quick sketch, done on the back of an invoice, using Neocolor II and a black NOT waterproof pen! I am inspiret to do something..........

My brothers wedding.

 My brother is getting married, in May, and I need to thank him for the invitation. I made this little journal, as a Thank You card.
 Lots of hearts, birds and butterflies.
 Behind the yellow flap is my "Yes please, I`ll be there!".

I think these colours came as inspiration from Letizia´s work this morning?

Ì liked doing this one, going in the mail, -and here´s hoping they`ll like it! :)

5 minute pen sketch.

 Today I walked two hours along the beach and through the forrest, as the wind was blowing a gail! Lots of huge old trees have falen in the last month, due to very wet ground after a summer with floods, then followed by all the melting snow, and now gail force winds....! I picked up some beech nuts and leaves, for my 5 min. pen drawing for today. I really enjoy this exercise.
 Looking out the kitchen window, I saw this pair having lunch! And made me smile....big change from my eagles! I do miss it, but very grateful for this pit-stop:)
And yes, full bloom, all most tipping over!

fredag den 24. februar 2012

Back out into the world they fly!

 Italy, USA, Holland and Norway. 4 Round Robins, Circle Journals ready to go back out into the world. It is so much fun, I like these swaps, getting the oppertunity to touch a stranger, yet fellow journaler, and be part of all these lives. And not to forget, I get all of my journals back home one day, and can enjoy greetings and talent from all over the world.
Yes, they are blooming now, and the scent is amazing.

torsdag den 23. februar 2012

Dress No. 4 "MARIA"

 Dress number four. The black fabric for the body, is in real life very nice wowen im flower patterns. Black sleeves, and trimmed with the fabric from the Latezia dress. The bird is a sizzex die in felt.
 Really bad lighting here today, the flash kept turning it self on....

February Journal Page.

 This is my February page, in Letizia´s Journal. I got totally inspired by the little sweet tag that was on the journal on arrival. Wellie´s! Ohhh the thought of soil, seeds and bonfires are not far away now. Winter is on its last leg (Fingers crossed!) The beautiful spade stamp is from Tina in Sweden, and her lovely range of garden stamps.
HAD to do a Hyachint for Letizia, and one that she can color in her self, in her favourite colour. In return, Letizia is going to find me a beautiful Italien man.....I love a good swap!                                   A simple page, but I like it :)

onsdag den 22. februar 2012

Happy New Year Letizia!

 Doing a New Year page, end of February, in Letizia´s Journal. I do not owe any BLING and find it hard to use, the two sparkling items I DO owe.....! So, keeping it very simple, using my FAV liqued watercolour, new blue Glimmer Mist and star template. Thats new year...
 Numbers with glimmer and one red shoe, thats my bling stach!!!......
The numbers would fit in a 2012 clock. The red shoe had to take a walk, found a Danish Winter Stamp instead, much better. And a piece of silver ribbon.  Happy (belated) New Year Letizia :)

One more Journal to play in!

 One more Journal arrived today. This one is from Letizia in Italy, our little One to One swap, that we have been doing since October. And I am lucky, I get to do January and February`s pages, I shall start right away :)
Letizia, I LOVE this stamp? Ohhhh how did you know that me and my wellies are like this X ? This was like receiving a packet of summer :)

tirsdag den 21. februar 2012

Inspired by artist Patricia Wheeler.

 Today I stumbled over an American Artist Patricia Wheeler. She is a  mixed media painter. And I did this double spread, whishing I had done it on canvas...!
 I really like her paintings and her methods. Her paintings have been on my mind all day...
 She reminded me of my core colours. The ones that, when you use them, makes you feel grounded,
 ..balanced, at peace. I have been all over the place, emotionally over the past 6 months, with my diagnosed stress, but I am finding my way back to me. The colours show me that.
 If I lived in The States, I would deffently go this summer, to one of P.W.`s workshops. I can see, that I need to get back to my roots, painting wise, and here is an Artist that could inspire me....
 Three black Ravens, already a title for a very old poem, I discovered, so I renamed my page..
"A Perfect Day".

Waiting for spring..

 Interresting..colours! I see that my palate is changing. It must be a combination of season and mood.
 Soft, pinks and very girly! Makes a nice change from my resent journaling, with the colours off doom and no hope. Wonderful to actually being able to see the different stages through my recovery from stress!
 These lovely leaves are from sweet Mary - thanks :)
 "In every walk in nature - one receives far more than one seeks" john muir.

 This next page is from the Journal Swap I am doing with Letizia in Italy. Again, spring is on my mind!

 "Every story has an end, but in life every end is just a new beginning".
Bringing a new season inside. Spring will come, once again :)