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Trine Pettigrew

torsdag den 1. august 2013

Learning new techniques for my Gelli Printing

As all good teachers, I need inspiration also. And for my Gelli Printing workshop in Canada, just a few weeks away, I looked to the very talented and very nice Artist Carla Sonheim. I bought an online course from her, watching her great techniques, and on I went. I like it at lot. It kind of combines my own way of painting, layers upon layers, and the "simple" shapes and forms that I love, with the always totally unpredictable life of your printing plate and colours.
 As all new beginning, practise take time. As Carla Sonheim herself says, out of eight prints, maybe 3 is perfect. The rest goes in the "for other use" pile. Printing plate, brayers, paper, water and paint...off we go!
 This one is a "to keep". If I were to work more on this, with say Ink, it might become balloons in the sky.
 Another one "to keep". I think it is a flower pot in a window...
 I like some bits of this, not all...
 Same with this one!
And the total disaster!
So this has been fun, and I shall practise more. I think I need to find my own colour scheme....But I am grateful to have learned something new, and a little struggle is healthy :)