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I teach painting, printing and collage workshops, all around Europe, and get inspired in so many ways.
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Trine Pettigrew

tirsdag den 26. juli 2011

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Milliande did a Journal Prompt today, Art your Breakfast. I did, and my lunch and my dinner.
Used Ink and watercolor, as quick illustrations on normale drawing paper.

I forgot how much fun these fast and simple illustrations are to make! Thank you Milliande for reminding me :-)

søndag den 24. juli 2011

Back from a week in Corsica, hiking.

 05.30 am
 Room with a View.
 View from WC.
 Plastic table.....what a shame!
 Self potrait!
 Maj and Tobias, our guides.
Last day in The Town of Cortes.

torsdag den 14. juli 2011

Paper and thread.

 Queen Bee.
Mother hen.

All is packed, just need to go to the bank and get some of those euros! In the meentime I made two collages. Inspired from two of Mary´s FREE to COPY images, from her blog http://www.tincuptart.blogspot.com/  I used my sewing machine, I do enjoy that, mixing the two, paper and thread.

søndag den 10. juli 2011

3 collages for Maria´s office.

 My friend Maria asked me to make three collages for her office. Mary had just send me a box full of birds and houses, so with those in mind, and at hand, I made these. All with a danish proverb, which I shall translate.....I know they will be in English, so you might know the prober worthing...?
No. 1: Every bird sings with his own beak!
 No. 2: Honesty (love) will serve you longest!
No. 3: Faith wil move mountains!
-Hope she likes them....:-) The photos shows all the folds in the paper, they should dissapere when mounted.

lørdag den 9. juli 2011

Saturday, and the mailbox is full!

 So many parcels in one day! These two jounal pages came all the way from Lynn K. in UK, and is part of the monthly journal swap over at Milliandes.ing. 7 deadly sins and Genie in a bottle. I love them :-)
 These two beautiful ATCs came from Deedee and T. Koorey in The States, via Mary who hosted this swap: Bluebirds of happiness. They are lovely.
 And now to Palma´s Matchbox swap: Symbols. This exquisit box is made by Mary. She is so clever.
 And it has double drawers!!
 Look, look, look.......
 Amazing work! Love it :-) And now for the surprise.........
A box FULL of goodies! Mary, what can I say?? Bring on the rain...Im off to play! THANK YOU.

fredag den 8. juli 2011

Who has been eating all my roses?

Got you!

Table stencil!

I was given a new-old striped pine table, yesterday, by my dear friend Maria. So this evening I got the paints out, and voila!
 Used my stencils and black oil paint for the circles......
...my favourite bowl dictated the colours. Im pleased, now, put the kettle on!

søndag den 3. juli 2011

Lots of ART this weekend.

 Apart from painting two domino pendants for Vicki, I also did two new journals and 5 ATCs for a swap over at Milliandes "Mother Earth".
This one I got inspired from looking up Mother Earth, and finding a beautiful picture, ink and watercolour I think.
 On the back cover I sewed a pocket from a post card recently received in a journal swap. I really like using my sewing machine as a added feature.
 The inside, lots of inks!
 The second one, I made up of all the scraps on my work top! Great way of using bits and pieces, cut offs and loads of gel!

 For the Mother Earth ATC swap, I went back and forward lots, but in the end, I used an old pasport photo of myself, very old, and all the animals, feathers etc that gives me the feeling of mother earth, as she should be. I guess that the link to my photo is the time where I still believed!

This one I made in the scanner, pregnant girl, the earth, my feather and a lovely poem.
So now its all ready to be send off. And there is still a little bit of sunday left to enjoy.

lørdag den 2. juli 2011

Love comes in small packets.

 After what can only be described as a week from hell....the weekend isnt making up for it at all. The country is totally under water -with thunder and lightning. But then, low and behold, round the corner comes an orange van! The mail man. And he delivers two brown envelopes, with foreign stamps on them. And with the one I received  mid week, it makes three of them!
 This one is from Vicki in the States. Vicki makes jewellery, pendants from vintage dominos, hand drawn. She has kindly asked me to paint one for her, a fish! I am lucky to get one for myself as well. Vicky and I are at the same time doing a private ATC swap.
 Louise from Canada, my oldest and best friend, send me this cute book of butterfly stickers. But look! Also some great fish! Thanks Louise, I miss you as always.
 And here is the third beautiful parcel. This is from Deedee, also USA. This is my matchbox from Deedee, iwe were both in Palmas Symbols matchbox swap. This is wonderful. So many goodies!

Is´nt it wonderful, that when you need cheered up, this happens? Thanks Girls :-)