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Trine Pettigrew

tirsdag den 13. september 2011

Layered Tutorial for Christina.

A while back, my beautiful friend Christina asked me, How I did my layers..! Hmmm, I just do? Now I have decided to break the procedure down, and make a tutorial. Here goes, Just for you Christina :-)
 I start with a colour thought...here its bluísh-brown-sepiar..... Neocolor II, put down roughly on the paper...
 Then, a Baby Wipe. Mix the colours together. LOVE the effect this gives, perfect for backgrounds.
 A plastic template, and a spray colour. I just choose this for the colour, not effect or brand, Im not that into all the different sprays...yet :-) This one is a Tattered Angles Chalkboard/Hot Chocolate. Spray.....
 I quickly lay the template, turned around, on a blank page, and get a negative of the print! No waste....
 Ok, so far so good......
 Now I look through my box of goodies! Pick out according to colour scheme and interest...I might not use all of it, and then again, sometimes I need more!
 Get out the glue, I use a Gel Medium and now, stick it all down, well no, keep some back for later....
 And now the tissue paper. I picked out two different browns and a pale blue. Rips og long strips is now glued down....
 And break! Time to dry and have a coffee!
 When dry, I paint Golden Gesso on top.....always gives me the shivers! But it dries up lighter.....
 Now, more cut outs, the ones I left in the beginning. I LOVE newspaper for this. (Thanks Mary).
 And, yes you guessed it, more tissue paper...And dry.
 Now to the inking. I choose two colours, Chipped Sapphire (my favourite)  and Vintage Photo from Rangers Distress Inks.
 I smear it around, use my fingers to blend (You could use a tool for this, but I dont) And when I feel it is finished, I stop, and give the whole page some more Gel Medium, for shine and strength.
And here we are. Loads of layers, nice to look at, and lovely to the touch!

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  1. Thanks, Trine. Sometimes I don't know where to start and then I don't know when to stop. Nice tutorial.