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I Art for fun, relaxation, living and learning.
I teach painting, printing and collage workshops, all around Europe, and get inspired in so many ways.
I hope to inspire you on your own art journey-
Please enjoy, and create!
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Trine Pettigrew

søndag den 18. maj 2014

Planning and training for the Coast to Coast in July

This might not be art...well, it is the art of walking! Seriously training for the Coast to Coast, Perth to Fort William in Scotland this July.


113 miles or 182 kilometres. Looks like a walk in the park on a map. Or 4 maps as it turns out!

My daily walk is a circuit of 7 km. And I am still doing it in 80 minutes....Not bad after a week of Pasta and Vine!

onsdag den 14. maj 2014

The last night in Italy

Ending the week with an exhibition, was a nice way to say goodbye to Gagliano and the class.

mandag den 12. maj 2014

Thank you to a lovely group of talented woman. Gagliano, Italy May 2014

What a pleasure and privilege to teach, when the "students" are so talented, fun and lovely.

Painting holiday Italy

A wonderful week of teaching a group of funny, talented and eager to learn more, woman, have now come to an end. I really enjoyed the challenge. The lovely surroundings, restored houses, the freshly cooked Italian meals and lots of wine.....made this trip perfect.
Every morning, for two hours, the group sat through different lessons, before they went off to work on their own paintings.   

A whole day in the town of Sulmona, and the marked, was as every other morning, started off by drawing in our journals.

Sulmona, Abruzzo, Italy

So many views to choose from, back in Gagliano Aterno.

Perspective, colours, view finding......

Lots of beautiful arches.

What better object than an orange, to learn from, when it comes to shape, colour and shading?

Work in progress.





You never run out of motives...



On the last night, a proper exhibition. Local visitors and local red wine. A perfect ending to a brilliant week.



The students showing of their work.



                                                              Ciao Sotto Ill Castello.