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Trine Pettigrew

mandag den 12. september 2011

Autumn monday Tutorial.

 Been a while since I made a tutorial, so here we are. Got inspired by this green stencil paint, and autumn!
 Like how it goes matt on the page....
 On the green vipe, I selected these items from my stach...and glued them on.
 Stamped background, with new stamp and Rangers Adirondack "currant" ink.
 Filled in gaps with Neocolor II, and water.
 Continiued with same crayons and a circle template.
 Outlined some of the circles with a PITT pen.
 Stamped numbers and words in some of the circles.
 And now my usual...olive green tissue paper and gel, glued on in in strips.
"Let´s fly down under..".
Guess with winter approaching fast, and the memories of the two last ones, I just want to go to Australia...now!

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