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I teach painting, printing and collage workshops, all around Europe, and get inspired in so many ways.
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Trine Pettigrew

mandag den 14. oktober 2013

Painting Holidays in Italy

I am SO excited. My old Art college friend Lis Juul and I, have decided to join forces, and our new adventure, Painting Holidays in Italy is now ready to go live!
The website is almost up and running, but I can reveal, that the first course will be start May 2014!
Keep coming back here for more news as they arrive.

lørdag den 5. oktober 2013

Pizza and Gelli recyceling.

I love to recycle! And when you are a Gelli Printer, using up all those off prints, for something useful, is a pleasure!
                     A empty pizza box, is an ideal cover for a new journal. I cut off all the flaps...
                                                   And then rolled on black acrylic paint.
                                                    Got out a pile of prints....
                           Some is to be cut up, and others will be used for more journal covers.
                                                   Cut into smaller pieces.
                           These three will remain uncut, for new covers, for another project.
                                              The inside of the pizza box, painted green.
                                   Glued some of the cut up Gelli prints on the inside cover.
                                       One print was on an envelope, glued the flap down....
                                      And here it is opened up, ready for keeping stuff in!
                                          Inside cover.
                                           Used a feather print for the outside front cover.
                                                 Black tape for the edges, to finish it up.
                                   And a black bird tissue transfer on the front back cover.
                                                           Inside cover finished.

                                   Now ready to put in the pages. See earlier tutorial on how to.