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Trine Pettigrew

torsdag den 15. september 2011

The colour Orange.

On my walk on the beach today, I decided to look for the colour orange...Inspired by my daughter, who wrote home from Scotland saying: Help! All the rosehips are gone, and I havnt made any jam yet!" Looking out my window at the hedges towards the sea,....I thought, all I could see was orange...

 Judging from these photo´s, you would think our beach were littered with junk! It´s not, My walk took over two full hours...
 In the ditch beside the dike, I saw these wild flowers! Wow, didn´t know they were still flowering.
 And look at him! Crossing the path. Looks like a miniature bottle cleaner!

 Do not ask me what these fruits/berries are. Grows on the beach.......Thorny shrubs.
These are for you Anna :-)

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