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Trine Pettigrew

tirsdag den 20. september 2011

Frank´s Travel Journal.

Yesterday, my milliande friend Palma posted a great tutorial over on milliande Art Journal Studio from balzersdesign.typepad.com - on how to make your own leather journal. We all loved it, and I made one. Just right for a present, to the man who fixes my lawn mower, when not walking the Caminio, and always keeps a Travel Journal.

I made 5 signatures, A4 folded. The inside I strenghend with scrapbook paper, elephants on unibikes!
The leather was a scrap piece, hence the uneven´ness. I went over it with my sewing machine, to make it look as if it was intentional, the NOT square bit of material. It was fun to try out this type of binding, it looks nice on the back, the long stitches. I shall enjoy passing it on :-)

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