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I teach painting, printing and collage workshops, all around Europe, and get inspired in so many ways.
I hope to inspire you on your own art journey-
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Trine Pettigrew

mandag den 27. juni 2011

Waiting for the Blue Birds.

Marys house is full of Blue Bird ATCs, waiting to fly off, to all corners of the world. Due to the Canadian Postal strike and other hick ups, there is a delay. In the meen time, I made this page, using LOTS of inks in spray bottles, so nice to work with, I am puting more on my wish list! All the bird die cuts are a gift from Mary.

Happy 25th anniversery Louise and Al.

 As most of us are aware, the Canadian Postal service is on strike, so instead of mailing a card, to celebrate the anniversery of 25 years,, of my bestes and oldest friend Louise and her Al, I decided to make one, as a tutorial. Just for you Louise :-)
I took a vintage print, and some rose petals from my garden and Gesso....
 and put the print on top of the wet gesso.
 Then I used a pale yellow and a brown Neo water Color
 and blended with water. After this I painted it over with some more gesso.
 Then I wrote and made harts with a clear wax cryon-
 and put a layer of water color on top, so that the writing stood out. (hard to see on this photo).
 Then a stamp of a ruler with Stazon ink. Disadvantage: put it up side down, and being permanent ink....has to stay that way!
 Needed some more colour, and used this "Radiant Rain" pure color concentrate, witch is nice. "Spiced Pumpkin". Used a paper towel to smear it around.
 More ink for lettering and a white Uni ball "signo" pen for decorations.
 Gloss medium for shine and glue, pressed the rose petals on top...
Happy 25th Louise and Al. xxx

søndag den 26. juni 2011

A Journal for Anna.

 I used inks in sprays and pads for Annas Journal, and wooden beads for the string.
 The inside cover, before adding the paper. A pocket on the back for "stuff".
And the back cover. I used watercolor paper for the cover, which made nice effects with the spray inks.

Sunday Rocks..

 The sea was a lot calmer today, but still rough....
 I walked west today, and all the wind mills were churning....desided to walk along the beach and look for interesting rocks.

 I want to go back for this one, would make a good bird bath?

lørdag den 25. juni 2011

...You are always on my mind.....

 Today on my hike, getting in shape for Korsika!.... I came across things that reminded me of...
 Anna and Alastair and their not so sucessful fishing trip here last month! So here is one, laying on the beach! A Garfish.
 The skies were amazing today......
 This one is for Anna, to let you know, the cows are let out on to the field....
And finally, this is for my friend Mary...I bet you would have taken this home, and made a wonderful piece of art from it :-)

torsdag den 23. juni 2011

A beautiful Journal, from a Beautiful Friend.

 After a 3 hour long meeting this morning, I went into my office, an found this Pink Parcel on my desk.....and inside the Tissue paper, was this Beautiful Leather Journal! ???
 Look at the inside, its huge!.....
 And a leather button for closure......
..and the back. It turned out, that it was a gift from my friend and collauge Maria, who had brought it back home from India. I am so blessed, to have such a beautiful friend. Thank you again Maria. (My first leather bound journal....woohoo!)

tirsdag den 21. juni 2011

2 new journals. "Eat more Fish" and "Fieldnotes".

 Fisk is Fish in Danish! Made this one today, using brown paper, wall paper, lots of ink and my sewing machine.
 Eat more......
 In this journal I also did the inside covers.
 Love how the ink turned out.
 And a little yellow watercolor paper one, with stamps and ink.
Not bad after a long day at work!

mandag den 20. juni 2011

House on the hill. Journal Page Tutorial.

 Here is the final page.
I used Gesso, Acrylic Blue/Yellow and White. Stamps and Ink, Neo colors, magazine/newspaper images Gel medium and Glue.
 Gesso on the entire page.
 Blue/Yellow and White acrylic paint....
 and a credit card.
 Scraped a pattern in the wet paint using a wooden stick.
 Used the leftover paint on some newspaper ripouts.....
 and glued them on. White paint applied with card.
 Toned it all down with Gesso. Left to dry.
 Stamped using a green ink a bubble wrap stamp.
 Now, glued down three newspaper images, and
 more white paint, to connect them some...
 Blended my Neo Colors around the pictures, to make them more like part of the page.
 Used a second stamp, a leaf and Black Ink.
 Final coat of Gel Medium.
 Signiture and done.
 A section close up.
House on the Hill.