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Trine Pettigrew

lørdag den 30. april 2011

Blue is the colour..........

Today I spend with my mother, as we walked 9 kilometers along the sea shore from her house. The photos speek for them selves, will add though, that it was cold and windy, which dos´nt show......Nice day.

What´s red, and grows in a field....?

 Driving along the coast today, my eye cought something red....! Nothing is growing here yet, so I turned off to have a closer look.
Tulips! As long as you can see! Red Tulips, no not the bacon...! What an amazing sight, brought me back to my childhood, where my grand parents lived just next to fields and fields of tulips. My camera couldnt pick up the fields further away, but there were white, yellow, purple...

fredag den 29. april 2011

Bouquet of the season.

Spend the day outside, got the lawn cut, trimmed one of the hedges and then I picked this bouquet, showing that it is still spring flowers here. ..."Nice day for a white wedding", I´m sure everything went well in London.

Trust the Mint...

If everything else fails....trust the Mint! Yes, my tulips are still in bud, but the good old hardy mint, comes through in spite of the cold, salty easteren sea breeze (wind) ! Lets make tea.

torsdag den 28. april 2011

Loft drawers, explenation for Sheena.

 This is another room, where the drawers are not put in....
 And here they are. All the way on both sides of the room.
 A look from the side. See how its like a L, little rollers under....
Slides back in! Yes you loose some space, but unuseble space, and get rid of all the clutter.

Six hours later...!

 Okay, time to clear out and clean the studio after a long winter.
 Where to start....?
 It might not look tidy..But it is!  Because of the roof, there is no walls to put up shelves! So, all I think I need...is out! Things used less often, is in huge drawers, in the walls.
 Yes, this is the perfect place for an afternoon nap!
 All done.
 The view from my desk. Fields and the sea. Thats all, bliss.
Looking across to the studio, which is up on top of the garage, from the house. Some might remember the photo of same wiev, but covered in snow, not that long ago!

Moving day....

Yes, spring has come to stay, so today I will move my winter work space, from the house, and into my studio. It is now warm enough to safely keep paints and paper stored up there, the water in the jars wont freeze! So, get he cleaning stuff out......

Keep it simple.

Some days, you just need to keep things simple.This is one of those days....

onsdag den 27. april 2011

New Metallic Neocolor Fishes.

Had to try out my new crayons, and prompted by Mary`s soon releasing of all the Fish ATC´s back into the (river) world, this came out. I like the metallic look, and the previous page made patterns shine through, and made nice textures. I like this....

Who has been eating my roses...?

 What is that, in the corner of my eye...?
 Ohhhh, last years baby!
 NO YOU DON`T!  Yes he did,,,one new tree, down!
 Right, straight for the vegetables..oh no, they are not in yet....
 Well, this looks nice, I`ll just scrape a little, and a little there....
 and thats my bed made up.
"Hmmm...will she plant more roses I wonder..."?

What is´nt spend, is saved...to spend....!

My trip up north this week, to go spend arty-time with my dear friend Lis, has been cancelled! So, went to town, and spend some of the money now saved from ferrie tickets and petrol....on new crayons. Hav´nt tried these Inktense Blocks yet, they look interesting. And a small box of Neocolor Metallic. I just needed a new journal....

Full bloom.

 The Cherry tree is showing off! The cold air from the sea, leaves my plants/flowers behind scedule, not a bad thing really, but not the trees.
 ...or the frut bushes. Red currant, still yellow, but wont be long.
And one of my favourites, that neither the hares or the deer has eaten this year, (DO NOT ask about my roses!) We cal this one : The Lieutenant`s hart.

tirsdag den 26. april 2011

The Beachhouse.

I have had this corrugated cardboard laying about for a while, what to do with it?
Tee, http://www.greenislescrafts.com/, did a prompt today, all about pockets and lines, and that got me going. And I had to add one of my fish stamps. Summer is on my mind, beaches, beachhouses and lovely bleached colours.

Easter egg.

I have the sweetest daughter :-) This came in the mail today, from across the North Sea. My easter egg ie. new alphabet stamps. In the most lovely box. Thank you Anna. x0x0x

mandag den 25. april 2011

From Frida Kahlo to Palma Rea.

 Still not right. (Look at yesterdays post, and follow the progress) Got away with some of the sweetness, but....nahhhhh
 Tissue paper, thats what I was looking for! Now we are getting somewhere....
This is the final piece. I dedicate this one to my journaling friend, Palma Rea, who is a huge F.K. fan. And, Im sure, who has a Mexican streak in her. To Frida and Palma :-)