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Trine Pettigrew

torsdag den 31. marts 2011

Bad day at work!

-Gardening, yoga, bubble baths, medication... and I still want to smack somebody! (This is the writing on a thermos flask I have in my kitchen.....)


Tee - over at greenislecraft, has done it again! Provided us all with a great prompt. Everlasting is the word of todays journal page. All you close to me knows, that the butterfly ,or in danish : sommerfugl (summerbird) is close to me, a part of me, and will be everlasting. Realized after I was done, that the butterflies are coming out of a container! How fitting is that??

tirsdag den 29. marts 2011

Old birds!

Just back from the Island of Fyn (fuen) after two days of the Art Therapy course, that Im taking together with two of my collegues. No time for play, so an old page, december 10, with thick collage. It dos´nt show up nice in this photo....I think I need to invest in a better camera....

mandag den 28. marts 2011

Japan II - In a "frame".

As a final touch, I glued the page onto newspaper, an taped it onto the glass of another painting in a frame. Just to see what it would look like........

søndag den 27. marts 2011


"Well behaved woman rarely makes history."

Over at milliande.ning, Liz M. from Dublin U.S.A., is hosting a ATC swap. ...well behaved woman..... I instantly thought of May West, Marilyn, Liza and all the other -not so well behaved- woman in history. But, my mind keep circling around the female painters, the few, who made art history. Art which all of us today, can enjoy and get inspiration from. Georgia O`Keeffe is one of them. Brave, strong willed and talented. I love her Flowers in the desert period, and these (above)  three little ATC´s, are my tiny tribute to a woman that werent always well behaved :D

lørdag den 26. marts 2011

The sun was out today!

 Its been a dry day today. All snow has gone, and I was able to walk across the meadow, and view my house from the east.

 From the meadow a flight of stairs takes you up onto the dike, and the view across the Baltic sea, were great today, with the suns reflection and NO ICE!
 This little summer house could sure need a loving hand.
 Yes, its official, spring is here. Still cold, -5 to night. But lovely to get some colour in the garden at last.
After 10 kilometers, a home made pizza is ready to go into the oven! :-) Ahhh weekend!

Match box swap

My handmade match boxes are finished and ready to travel to Palma in Italy.

Hope for Japan.

Finished my painting today. This is my own small tribute to the people of Japan. I give you Hope.

fredag den 25. marts 2011

Progress report on Japan

One more step towards completion! Not the terrible tragedy, but my painting.

torsdag den 24. marts 2011

Saved by a Fish!

Is´nt it wonderful, when you ask for help, and you get it? Mary you are my angle today. How could I not think, that of course, it had to be FISH for the boxes? I have now worked flat out for 4 hours, and I did it! Three fish boxes ready to float off to Italy, and then who knows where in the world they will end up after that. Just need to put a surprise inside.......

Match box swap.

Made these boxes, thinking Japan...Manga....?? Need to do more, but am stuck! Can´t open them up yet, as the inside is suppose to be a surprise! HELP!

Let your soul do the painting.

Working to hard these days, no time to play! Went back through my journal, and this one is from december. Back to my favourite colours and thick layers! But, the stamp, thats brand new, as of today. Love it. Cant wait for the weekend to come, so that I can get back to my Japan painting, and some serious journaling. Also have some boxes to do for Palma`s swap..... And I would love to try my hands on a tin-can-Mary.......I need to retire from work, early!!!

onsdag den 23. marts 2011

Emilie Erhardt 1,2 and 3

This is the final page. Went from birds, to femme fatale, to Emily and her air plane.
Felt like doing something out of my normal zone. Pink and ? I do not like it, but I shall leave it for now, and later I will cover it with thick layers, as usual! :-)

Spring Spinner!

O.M.G.! Glad I saw him now, and not in the shower at 6 am tomorrow morning!

I´m an alien in N.Y.

Todays page has sprung from Tee`s prompt yesterday, "Whimsical-aliens". Not all aliens are little purple creatures with one eye, here I was inspired by Sting and his song, An Englishman in New York.

tirsdag den 22. marts 2011

Frida kahlo

To night I did this Frida kahlo inspirational page, from Lorraines`s prompt over at milliande.ning. I have over the years read a lot on F. K. and back at art collage we had a closer study of her life and her paintings. I love the colours of Mexico, and the rich reds are some of my favourites. Thanks to Lorraine for the prompt :-)

mandag den 21. marts 2011

Journaling with glass.

Attended last saturday  a glass-workshop, where this small bowl was one of four things I made. I have used my favourite colours, and fish! It was like journaling with glass, except, having to wait a week to see the result was not fun. I like it, but what I really would like, was to make a HUGE bowl. I wont upload the rest of the  pieces, as they are meant to be easter gifts!!

tirsdag den 15. marts 2011

Spring in my kitchen window.

More snowdrops. These are in my kitchen window, and I shall journal over and around them over the next few days. Forecast : sleet...!

mandag den 14. marts 2011

Spring has sprung!

I realise that the journaling over the past few days, has been on canvas. felt the need to get back to the big sizes again. This is a section of a small acrylic painting 50 x 50 cm. Wanted to use the acrylics as watercolour, and it worked.

Hope and prayers to Japan.

This is a small section of the big canvas I started this week. Suddenly it was all about Japan, and the horrific situation the Country and all the people are going through right now.

søndag den 13. marts 2011

Something fishy going on!

Alternative studio.

As I havn´t done any journaling this weekend, due to spring cleaning, I post a photo of my make shift space, where I work, waiting for my studio to thaw!! Started a new painting though ;-) Can´t wait for the temp. to rise!