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Trine Pettigrew

lørdag den 23. april 2011

Nest building.

Today has been all about birds, birdhouses and gifts. Palma send me two sardine tins from Italy, for me to try out Mary´s Tin Can altering. Wanted to make a birdhouse for Anna, for the launch of her Birdhouse lithography series, and this is how it ended up. A little nest-building for A and A. The crows inside disappered behind the egg, -maybe I will put some on the outside.....?

4 kommentarer:

  1. Trine that is wonderful so you and I think considering it was your first BRILLIANT.

  2. excellent altered tin..I have altered another one today too! they are addictive arent they. Got your altered matchbox today from the swap and love the fish hook and fish in it..have a great Easter and hope you get lots of chocolate

  3. Thank you for our birdhouse tin! Its wonderful! and in my fave colour :)


  4. WOW! This is wonderful. You work fast :)