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Trine Pettigrew

søndag den 17. april 2011

The "12 day Teabag" Journaling Project.

 In january, I got inspired by Milliande and her one month long Zebra journaling page project, to do a 12 day Teabag journal. I decided to use a small 15 x 21 cm journal, forcing my self to work on a small scale. My aim was to use a different teabag for every page, and be inspired either by the colour, smell or image. This is what came to life...
 Wet in Wet.....
 Starfish and star anis tea....
 Pears and vanilla. If the apple dos´nt fall far from the tree, what does a pear do then..?
 Ginger....and feathers. This page is for Maria.
 "Entrust the knowladge to the children" and "Words are the fragrance of the heart"
 Hard to read, but this is a verse from The Beatles song "Black bird".
 "Se musikken". "Look at the music".
 Sweet chili. Reminds me of Frida Kahlo.
..and on the 12´th day of journaling, -my Sweet Chai gave to me.....

This was a good exercise, and a fun way of staying focused.
Thank you for the inspiration, all of you.

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  1. That was very good I do not know how you find the time