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I Art for fun, relaxation, living and learning.
I teach painting, printing and collage workshops, all around Europe, and get inspired in so many ways.
I hope to inspire you on your own art journey-
Please enjoy, and create!
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Trine Pettigrew

søndag den 3. april 2011

Art swaps across the world.

Taking part in all kinds of different art swaps, is so much fun. The joy of creating, and knowing that a small piece of you, is now living its own life somewhere out there, is only half of it. I get to own little pieces of original art work as well, from so many different woman artists, its a priviledge. We may never meet, but we are all of us connected, and some more than others. I feel very honored and only today, Im wraping up 5 parcels! Two for the States, one for the UK, Italy and Australia! Palma´s matchbox swap, Nina´s monthly journal pages, ATC´s for Rachel and Liz, and a small thank you gift for Lorraine. Not bad for a rainy sunday evening!

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