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Trine Pettigrew

fredag den 21. juni 2013

Workshops 2013

I started February 2013 on a teaching note. And have continued to do so through the year.

A Painting weekend workshop in Copenhagen.
Such a nice group of girls.

Then it was off to Gussago, Italy. Here I tought a Collage workshop, for a group of very hard working girls :) It was a great experience.

I could'nt have done this one, without the huge help in translating, from my dear friend Letizia.
I hope to go back, it was a great place to "play". Thank you also to Sabrina at Hobby di Carta.

Back to Copenhagen for another painng workshop. Again, lots of fun and new inspiration.

A great excersice, in which "Ittens" colour wheel were worked through, together with perspective and lines. Back/middle and forground was a big eye opener for most of the girls, and many a ahhhhh....was heard!
I think that it is so interesting, to see the same painting, motive, done by 6 different people. The temperaments, moods and colour choises coming out.
Thank you to all my participants.

Next stop Canada.
Here I will be teaching one Collage and one Printing workshop.
Cant wait to meet all the new people, and get loads of inspiration for next years workshops.

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