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Trine Pettigrew

fredag den 28. juni 2013

Inspired by the beach...journal.

After putting Gesso on all the pages, I desided to try and Gelli print on some of them. They turned out really nice.

Here is the front cover, sewn together with the back cover, using strips of old recycled fabric and ribbons.

The inside of the cover, back and front.

Used some little stamps.

Some of the many pages. I ended up with three signatures.

Pages were sewn together, again using fabric and ribbons. I have to thank my friend Letizia, who send me, two years ago, a bag stuffed with ribbons. They are now put to good use :)

3 signatures, 6 pages in each. By the time thay have all been journaled on, the book will be nice and thick!

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