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Trine Pettigrew

søndag den 30. juni 2013

Collage Girls. How to.

                                   A short tutorial, on how I made one of my Collage Girls.
                          This one was actually made in Italy, in my friend Letizia's garden!

A poster size lovely strong brown paper as base.
Gesso on parts, to let the brown show through.
Glued, Gel medium, pieces of newspaper on.

Pink, blue and lime green acrylic added.

A selection of nice papers matching the acrylics, napkins and a circle template was selected, all curtisy of Letizia.

One napkin had lovely writing on it. Right hand side. Glued on with Gel medium.
The two figures were sketched in. Faces painted with acrylics.
The dresses were made up from cut pieces of different papers, and glued on. Gesso then painted on top, to soften the colours.
Wings cut from newspaper and glued on.
Circels painted on, using a template, on the left hand side.
Feather napkin used for the chicken and in hair.
Hope stamped on with black ink.


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