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Trine Pettigrew

fredag den 21. juni 2013

Gelli Printing on bought plate.

I have fallen in love! Like so many before me, in The Gelli printing universe.
I started out, making my own plate from normal Gelatine powder and water. And I loved it!
It wears out though, and need re-melting, but the prints I got from it was great.
I do love my feathers, and the mono printing effect, especially the Ghost prints, the second pull, are my favourites.
But, I needed to compare the home made plate, to the store bought ones, as I am teaching this August in Canada, so a little first hand experience was needed.
I got the plate, and off I went.

Goldens fluid acrylics and a foam stamp, that I "borrowed" from my sweet friend Maria.
Okay, not to bad, lets try a feather..
I am not convienced....
One more try-
Tore pieces of paper and used as templates....

I dont know if I am just to "old school" or I got so used to my homemade plate, but I am not 100% in love with this one!
BUT - and there is always a BUT! I made a discovery that made me happy!
Crumbled up tissue paper, now this I do love the look at.
And then there is always the very last pull, with all the resedue from a long printing session, that turns out wonderful, and that you could never do again!
So okay, this plate do have its moments.....but, I shall head for the store and get stocked up on Gelli powder, as I do prefere the homemade plate. But I gave it a try, and I do love the easy cleaning and storage of this one, and I can travel with it!!

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