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Trine Pettigrew

fredag den 21. juni 2013

Recycle brown/white paper bag journal. Toturial.

Teresa Mahieu, a fb friend of mine, asked me to show how I cut the paper bags that I used for a journal, in a earlier post.
So here it is.

 I only had two.bags, I will add more later, but here is the general idea.

 Cut of the side panels.

 Then cut along the bottom, but only on one side.
As the bottom can act as a inside pocket.

 Both pieces folded in half, and the pocket showing.

 Place on top of each other for binding later.

 Now, I had one white and one brown bag, but when Gesso'ed, no one will know :)
Cut the side panels as before, on one piece only, leaving the bottom attached.

 It then, again, folds over to make a pocket.

 Fold in half.

 On this side, I only cut of one side panel, as the other one will make a great pocket-

 -when folded up.

 Put all the "pages" together, in the way that you want the handles to turn.

 I stabled the bottom, to make the pocket.

 Same with the one side panel.

 And one more bottom stabled to make small pockets.

 All done. (Pretend that I had many more bags)

 Trim the edges, top and bottom, to make all the pages the same size.

 I thought that the cut off side panels should be put to good use as well...

 So I put them in randomly, and they will be bound sewn in as well as the pages, when I have as many bags/pages as I want.

 The pocket.

 I cant deside to have only the white handles, or the brown also...

The inside pocket, made from the side panel left on the page.

Now I just have to go shopping...to get more bags. Then I can bind them all, and a new journal is born.

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