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Trine Pettigrew

søndag den 21. august 2011

Sunday clean up!

 Today I actually managed to finish ALL my swaps.
These prayer flags are a swap, as all my swaps, over at http://www.milliande.ning/
I have done all five almost alike, as they are going out to 5 different people. I chose the dragon-fly, incoorperated all the 5 prayer flag colours: Red-white-blue-yellow and green, and the words: Follow Your Hart.
 The dragon-fly is a print of the plate I made at the Traquair Art Fair, at "Anna´s" stall, The Edinburgh Printmakers. Also tissue paper, fabric, beats, embrodery thread, ink and tulle.
 This is for the "Owl´s" postcard swap. The photo dos´nt do this fellow justice. He is actually nice...well. no, he is a bit scarry. I don´t know where he flew in from...! But he ended up as something like a American Indian Totem bird, I think......
 These two ATC´s are going out to New York, in the TREE ATC swap. And that was the last of the swaps. All the rest are already wrapped up and ready to be posted...ATC´s for the LAYRED SWAP, to Boulders Creek CA, match boxes to UK and USA, so now I can start a fresh!
First I cleared my desk, the floor, the other desk, emptied waste baskets, water jars, made nice piles of stuff...then I put some of my journals up and opended them, as the pages are really sticking together, with the high humidity. Not good! Went and got herbs from the garden, and voila, ready for the new week.

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  1. Trine all of your swaps are so beautiful. I love your prayer flags and need to get on with my own, and I adore your owl :-)