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Trine Pettigrew

mandag den 29. august 2011

Round Robin

Stacey, over at http://www.milliandes.ning/ is hosting a Round Robin. 17 Artists, 17 Journals, 17 months. And I have signed up! I have themed my journal:  "Blue Is The Colour Of...." This idea came to me, after reading a poem of Dante, called  "Dragonfly". My Journal is handmade, by me, using paints, inks, stamps, paper, glue, sewing machine....and more glue!
 Front cover -
 Back cover -
 Inside the front cover - room for all to sign in and comment.
 Title of the Journal - Blue is the colour of......
 Last page - Pocket - to put something in, along the journey -
 Back - my own sign in tag -
 My own journal page, inspired by the poem "Dragonfly"-

All ready to go out into the world, for the next 17 months! Have a nice journey, and come back in one piece!

The Dragomfly-
`The visible silence, still as the hour-glass / Deep in the sunsearched growths the dragonfly / Hangs like a blue thread loosened from the sky :-/ So this winged, hour is dropped to us from the above. -Dante 1826-1882.

3 kommentarer:

  1. wow you have worked hard on this trine so hope it comes back full or great art..like that dragonfly poem

  2. wow...that is awesome x