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Trine Pettigrew

søndag den 14. august 2011


After doing the Breakfast sketching prompt, I realize how long ago it´s been, since pen and paper was a naturally, daily exercise in my life. So in my handbag, on holiday, I made sure to carry a black ink pen, and inktence colors, and a small handmade :) journal.

 This sketch was done in Anna´s house, waiting in que for the shower room :) Basil and sweet pea´s. Loved the simplicity and lightness, and wanted to save the impression for a future watercolour painting.
This sketch was made this morning. Again, very quick, black pen and watercolour. Inspiration for a Postcard Swap over at Milliande.ning. And for the new group "Raw Sketchbook Studio", also at Milliandes.
I forgot how good it is to "loosen the wrist" sketching feels :)

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