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Trine Pettigrew

fredag den 26. august 2011

A good year for the roses....

Some of you might remember my frustrations in early summer...when all my roses got nibbed in the bud, so to speak? Well I was SO pleased to see, that a second bloom was on its way, and just yesterday, I checked them out, thinking, yeah, one more show before the autumn......Then this morning I looked out the window, and

 NO No no .........Not again! Not only is she back, chewing away, she brought her baby!
 Or should I say todler?                 "Hey Kid! What are you doing?"
    "She´s got roses here too mum!"
   "OkayKiddo, we are done here, are you full?"
 "Well let me just check these out...no to high...!"
"Been there, there, did I miss any buds.....Nah, All done"
          "Are we going now?"
      "Yep, now kid, say thank you to the nice lady!"
     "Thanks, we will be back!"
And this is a photo of The one that got away! From the first raid! No survivers this time......

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  1. Oh dear, we love them when we see them in the woods or fields they look great on Christmas cards but they are gardeners blight. Your lone survivor looks lovely XOXO Zoe