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Trine Pettigrew

mandag den 15. august 2011

On a VERY rainy sunday....do ART.

 Over at the Raw Sketch book Project, milliandes, the prompt right now is, Rooftops, Grid-sketching. Well....The only rooftop for miles around here, is mine! So I did varouis kitchen utilities instead.
Its a very good exercice, zooming in, like in a wiev finder, and then let your eye consentrate on positives and negatives, not the object itself. Enjoying getting back a little, to my roots!
 Red thread/5
I do LOVE making ATC´s. So I added a few more series to my collection.
I realize now, that I need to be shown how to scan from the scanner to my pc. Then all these would look great! Not dark from lack of camera light in this wet, wet grey summer!

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  1. like your drawings and ATCs..I tend to use photo editor to brighten up my photos as we too have rain!!