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lørdag den 13. august 2011

Happy Campers - north & south of the border.

This year, "TimeOut" has had a break from touring and trekking, due to work! But, we as a family went North and South of the Scottish Border, camping at Tyndrum and Oban and Traquair House Art Festival.

 Drives done, tents are up, put the kettle on......ahhhhhh!
 Bliss. And please notice the weather! Sunshine :-)
 This is the life. Too long since me and my tent were last out together.....
 Is this the famous generation-gap? Lovely spot, and for all of you, who have joined me over the years, up and down the WHW, will notice.....
 ..that the track is just across the river! So funny to be on "the other side". Yes, this is the last bit of the Crianlarich to Tyndrum WHW stretch.
 So we just HAD to back-track the trail for fun, and to enjoy the glorious weather.
 Oban, where we were so lucky to get a field to ourselfs, despite the 4000 orientering people, gathered in and around Oban for the week. The weather kept changing from clear visability to non! In seconds, very dramatic, and beautiful.
 Wiev from tent, just before the rain sets in...
 Coffee break on the road side. We found this lovely spot by a river, -Anna made scrambled eggs and Ali the hot drinks. Bring it on....
 Breakfast amongst the wild flowers......   Life is good.
 Wiev east towards Tyndrum and our way back home to Edinburgh. Goodbye highland, for now :-)
 Traquair House Art Festival. Anna volunteered at the "Edinburgh Printers" workshop for the weekend.
Came across this teepee, We all want one! (And they can throw the guy in as well!)
 Piece of Art.
 I attended the printers workshop, as it rained, rained, rained.......non stop, -and made this Dragon Fly etching.
Got back to Edinburgh, and put colour on two of the prints. So apart from camping, enjoying the highland as ever, enjoying beeing with the ones I love, it also included a few little pieces of art. Perfect holiday.

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