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Trine Pettigrew

søndag den 21. august 2011

End of summer..

 On my walk to day, I noticed that all the berries have taken on their autumn colours. The hedges between the fields and the sea, are a beautiful mix of dark yellows, oranges and reds, even purple. Sure sign that we are getting near the end of summer.
 So much rain this summer. My normal path home has disappeared. But there were big huge frogs all around. Lucky for them, all our storks have moved to southern countries!
 End of summer for the tourists/summer-house people as well. This will be the end of their season, until the october break.
 Another sure sign, that autumn is knocking on our door, is the mice! Catching one a day right now, and that will only increase over the next few months! And why...??
 Because of this giant monster! Yes, the farmers are bussy this sunday, no rain in two whole days, so they are out saving what they can. Flour prices will rise.......

 This is RIGHT out side my front door...how many mouse steps is that, from field to living room? Not a lot!
 And on that autumn note.....I made an apple cake. Picked, no not true, gathered from underneath the tree, as the storm blew a lot of last night, red apples.
And to go with the cake, a glass of mint tea. Thank you garden ;-)

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