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Trine Pettigrew

mandag den 30. maj 2011

Sketchbook Project 2012. "Fill Me With Stories".

 I have made my Sketchbook, as a dedication to my grandmother, mormor, -who taught me to fish, not to be afraid of the dark and to, at all times carry my passport on me. Just in case......
The photograph sitting on my desk, shows my grandmother, holding a Pike. I remember that day,47 years ago, in her house in Sweden, and I know she is watching this, smiling.
 It dos´nt look empressive at all! BUT there are actually 30 pages, all joined in two strips, as four individually stories.
 The two stories on the left is for my grandmother. The story of The Pike, my dedication to her and a scene from the sea, saying: My Grandmother Taught  Me To Fish, And Navigate When Lost In The Middle Of Nowhere. The ones on the right, shows all my inspiration to the book, and a story of my life! Showing me age 2, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and now 53!! And how I have lived by her rules: Life is an adventure, go get some!
 The Pike. (Thanks Mairi for showing me Ted Huges and his poem.)
 The deep blue Sea.
 The inspiration pages.
My life! 0-53.
I will not post close ups yet......8 whole months untill it needs handed in! Who knows what might happen till then?
Liked doing this, but thats me, deadlines = creative.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Trine, this is such a heart-felt journal, it will be difficult to let it go I'm sure. Your Grandmother sounds like a wise women who understood the world and how to navigate within it. Looking forward to the close-ups!

  2. As I knew it would be it is a wonderful sophisticated journal. I love it !

  3. this is excellent Trine thanks for sharing this and the tale behind it..what an inspiration your grandmother was

  4. Wow! Trine, you are truly dedicated to this creative journey. Looks fabulous!

  5. Wow Trine, Your journal looks so so beautiful!! I love the theme of your grandmother. I wish I could see it in person to see all the details of your work. I can't believe you have it finished so early, congrats!! I am usually a last minute sort of person;-) xoxo