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Trine Pettigrew

søndag den 22. maj 2011

I`m all swap-ed out!

 These 4 ATC´s are going to my friend  Mary in the UK.   "Blue Bird of Happiness". The lovely thing about this perticular swap is, that Mary is going to display one of our ATC´s at the hostal that her father is at. I like this thought.
 This ATC is part of a swap, hosted by Beth G. in USA. "In honour of our Mothers". Yes it is, my mother 1963.
 This is a first for me : ATC/Twinchie swap. Hosted by Lauren S. of the "Watermelon Workshop", Florida. I liked doing these, "Watermelon". Again some are going on display in her workshop.
 And then this month Journal page swap. "It´s been a slice". Glad Nina C. explained,  = It´s been fun!.....and "I want to lose myself in your songs".
After coming back from my holiday, I realised that I had quit a few Swaps to do. I spend yesterday and today finishing them all, so now I have a nice pile to take to the post office to morrow.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Wow Trine you have been really busy! Your creations look great!!:-) xoxo

  2. i especially love the one of your Mom, beautiful

  3. Wonderful ATCs Trine. I especially love the one of your mother...a special tribute.

  4. these are all lovely I particularly like the first lot of ATCs..even more special for Marys Dad at the hostel