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Trine Pettigrew

mandag den 23. januar 2012

"LETIZIA" dress no. 1

 I have decided to make my self some new dresses! How hard can that be eh`? I ordered the fabric, borrowed my mothers clean and newer than mine, sewing machine. (Well, the truth, mine is covered in glue and gesso...!) And got the flu! That was 8 days ago to day. This morning, after the dog had his walk, I sat down, and this is what came to be. Dress no. 1.

 I also desided to name my dresses! To honour all my sweet new and old friends. Helping me through this past year, in one way or another. - Two days ago, an envelope arrived from Italy, filled to the brim with ribbons. Amazing! I used a little bit in this dress, thinking this pattern reminds me of The Ribbon Lady Letizia. Thank you for your friendship, your Art and wow loads of ribbon lol xxx

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