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Trine Pettigrew

lørdag den 14. januar 2012

I LOVE my Big Shot!

 No! I do not get any procentage off my Dies for advertising for The Big Shot!!! Should though! But I want to say, I love it. I have stood behind my friend Mary`s back for a year, watching her cut, and cut and cut some more. Being a sweet hart, and providing me with birds, tags, leaves, more birds, by the wagon loads! I love her for it xx But....-
-there comes a time, where enough is enough! LOL I have walked around the hot pot for a while now, and with Mary´s help, made up my mind, and bought one! Its very pink eh`? But- it works :) One of my points of persvations were the fact, that I need loads of material for my Ardgour Journal Retreat in August, for all my guests. www.timeouttravel.dk  So now I am practising, playing away, and like Mary, I will soon have to give bags away! Happy Arting weekend to you all xx

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