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søndag den 9. oktober 2011

Tutorial - Sketch Book

 I made a whole bunch of Sketch books for my shop on http://www.selfmade.dk/, and the demand for a tutorial made me want to show how I made my books. I originally bought a toturial on an American blog, on how to bind. Thanks to greenislesart.
 I used two sheets of normal A4 copy paper, for the cover,  and 10 sheets of paper from a Sketch Pad, good quality, for the pages.
 The cover is made up as a "normal" journal-page. The way I do mine, is shown on a earlier tutorial "House on the hill". You do yours as you like :-)
 The cover and the inside ( the 2 A4 copy papers)  - glued together.
 I then sew as well, on my good old trusted sewing machine. I zig-zag the edges, and depending on pattern and mood, I "applique" the page.

 The 10 sheets of drawing paper is trimmed to size A4.
 And then folded in half. Make sure the bend is even and sharp. Use any plastic object ex.: handle of siccors!
 Fit all pages, signatures, together, like a regular book, and make sure they are even. And fit the cover on.
Make three holes, -as the dots show, one in the middle and one at each end, using a dowel.
 For this I use a big old second hand book, as a support. (It will get damaged...) -open it up standing on its back and holding it, -fit sketch book into it, make sure all is fit and straight, and  make the holes with the dowel. -Make sure you push all the way through all pages and the cover.
 Bring back out onto your work surface. (I leave the dowel in the last hole, just for support...)
 Now, measure your thread, I use cotton knitting wool, twise as long as the book, and thread your needle.
 Lets call our three holes "middle -right - and left"! From the inside, go out through the MIDDLE and back in through RIGHT. Pull and leave a few inches hanging.
 Back out through LEFT, pull tight.
 And back in through the MIDDLE. Make sure that the start and the end thread is on either side of the long middle, as you now want to tie, to lock the long straight bit in the middle....
 Like this! Pull tight, tie and cut.
 From the other side. As you now have guessed, the colour of string is up to you :-) I know that you can get real bookbinding thread, waxed cotton etc. But I like the cotton wool, as I have it in my cubboard and it is strong enough for a sketch book.
Paper, paint, glue, wool and imagination, and you have books! But watch out - it becomes addictive!

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  1. What a great tutorial Trine,I might have to find time to make one ,not sure if I am up to your standard.