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Trine Pettigrew

lørdag den 2. juli 2011

Love comes in small packets.

 After what can only be described as a week from hell....the weekend isnt making up for it at all. The country is totally under water -with thunder and lightning. But then, low and behold, round the corner comes an orange van! The mail man. And he delivers two brown envelopes, with foreign stamps on them. And with the one I received  mid week, it makes three of them!
 This one is from Vicki in the States. Vicki makes jewellery, pendants from vintage dominos, hand drawn. She has kindly asked me to paint one for her, a fish! I am lucky to get one for myself as well. Vicky and I are at the same time doing a private ATC swap.
 Louise from Canada, my oldest and best friend, send me this cute book of butterfly stickers. But look! Also some great fish! Thanks Louise, I miss you as always.
 And here is the third beautiful parcel. This is from Deedee, also USA. This is my matchbox from Deedee, iwe were both in Palmas Symbols matchbox swap. This is wonderful. So many goodies!

Is´nt it wonderful, that when you need cheered up, this happens? Thanks Girls :-)

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