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Trine Pettigrew

mandag den 27. juni 2011

Happy 25th anniversery Louise and Al.

 As most of us are aware, the Canadian Postal service is on strike, so instead of mailing a card, to celebrate the anniversery of 25 years,, of my bestes and oldest friend Louise and her Al, I decided to make one, as a tutorial. Just for you Louise :-)
I took a vintage print, and some rose petals from my garden and Gesso....
 and put the print on top of the wet gesso.
 Then I used a pale yellow and a brown Neo water Color
 and blended with water. After this I painted it over with some more gesso.
 Then I wrote and made harts with a clear wax cryon-
 and put a layer of water color on top, so that the writing stood out. (hard to see on this photo).
 Then a stamp of a ruler with Stazon ink. Disadvantage: put it up side down, and being permanent ink....has to stay that way!
 Needed some more colour, and used this "Radiant Rain" pure color concentrate, witch is nice. "Spiced Pumpkin". Used a paper towel to smear it around.
 More ink for lettering and a white Uni ball "signo" pen for decorations.
 Gloss medium for shine and glue, pressed the rose petals on top...
Happy 25th Louise and Al. xxx

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  1. Congratulations Louise and Al !

    Trine I am sure they will be delighted.