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Trine Pettigrew

søndag den 13. februar 2011

Sunday tutorial Sunday Morning Poetry

 I know! You need to go to the end to see the finished page, sorry! Okay, today I wanted to use my new stamp and aquash brush. And try to limit myself, to only a few layers.....
1. Gesso to start off, then Neocolors and a babywipe to blend it all.
 2. My new stamp, of a set of lovely simple grafic shapes, and crushed olive ink.
 3. Liquitex ink and my new aquabrush. here diluted with water.
 4. A layer of diluted white Gesso. DRY.
 5. More stamps, here old french letters and black ink stamp. Black waterproof pen.
 6. More ink and brush. The black undiluted.
 7. Watercolour stamped through a piece of tulle fabric.
8. Sunday Morning Poetry.

4 kommentarer:

  1. excellent tutorial and what a lovely spring page

  2. I love this page Trine especially the stems Great

  3. It's jut beautiful. Don't you just love the waterbrushes?