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Trine Pettigrew

torsdag den 25. juli 2013

July - Trekking and journaling

With July comes trekking in the Scottish Highland. This year I guided a group of Danes up north on  The West Highland Way. A really pleasant trip, where the weather was kind to us. 
                                          Loch Tulla Cairn.
 This trip was very special to my assistant and my self, as we lost a dear friend a fellow hiker just last month. To honour her memory and great love of the highland, we placed a small memento in a truly beautiful spot over looking Loch Leven.
 Not much time for making Art, but a harmonica - Ink and Watercolour - journal swap, with my fellow European circle friends, is made and ready to fly to Italy.
                                                   Sweet Peas from my daughters garden....
 To keep the journal safe travelling around Europa, I made a sleeve to put it in. Inspired by Lorraine Rigby. I would love to invite my group of friends for tea, but all the traveling makes it not possible, yet. So a collage, sewn on the front, will have to do :)
And a cup each on the back. I shall welcome my journal back home in 6 months time.

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