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Trine Pettigrew

onsdag den 4. april 2012

TUTORIAL Layred background using Magazine cuttings.

 In this tutorial, I am using cuttings from a glossy magazine, to create a layred background, for my stamping and writing. This page is part of a Field Note Journal.

Cover your page with White Gesso.
Rip, or cut strips from a glossy magazine. Choose colors that suit your purpose, mood or other. Be Aware, that images will be covered in Gesso later.
Crumble up the strips. More than once. The folds will make interesting patterens later.
 Step 4
Unfold and glue strips on to page.

 Step 5
Dot Gesso at random on to images.
 Step 6
Now use the old credit card to smooth out the Gesso dots. Go in all directions, but leave one or two small bits un touched.
 Step 7
Get your Neo Colors out (or other water soluable crayons) And colour both the white areas and the crumbled papers. Wet with brush, and repeat as many times as you like, until you are happy with the result.
 This brush is filled with a mix of ink and water. You can use just ink, a black water colour.....to draw shapes around areas that will later be used for stamping or writing, So choose a smooth area for this.
 More Gesso is applied and smoothed out with the credit card.
 Use stamps that suits your page. Numbers, letters, images....Here it is numbers for the year and small animals and plants, as this page is part of a Field Note Book. A feather found, is taped on as well.
Finished page. Do not forget to sign your pages.

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