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Trine Pettigrew

fredag den 6. april 2012

15+1 Round Robin

This is a page for the 15+1 Round Robin, that I am in. I havnt had a journal for ages. Some where along the line, there are hold-ups. One is due to unforseen family crises-, so we have desided to do the persons Journal any way, do all our pages, carry on, and send them all to her when all is done. I am the person starting out. Her Theme is "Soul Painting". And my soul said: Big bird! I drew with black pen, used Neo Color, Gesso and ripped paper. And not to forget, my sewing machine:) I shall post on to Lucine in Holland, and off we go.....

3 kommentarer:

  1. Gorgeous pages! Hope the round robins all work out.

  2. love that top picture..have been watching all the birds in the rain today in my garden

  3. Great Trine,The birds have been in overdrive here,even though it has rained non stop for 24 hours.