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Trine Pettigrew

tirsdag den 25. januar 2011

Creative Journaling weekend retreat.

I am back home, from teaching 12 woman Art Journaling, over the weekend.
It went really well. I am so pleased, and happy, that everybody just took all I taught to hart.
They were all so wonderfully talented and eager to learn. Not just the Art of Journaling, but after that, all the techniques, and tricks that I could share.
There were lots of AHA moments, and plenty of quiet ME-Time, as one lady said: "No one would believe, that 13 woman could ever be this quiet! At once"!
I have had great responses, and feedback already, for me to reflect upon. This class wants to come back for one day workshops, and I would love to teach. So, a little more thinking and planning, and Im sure it will all materilise, come early summer. Late spring.....
Photos are on their way, and shall post as soon as.
The Harle-quenn is one of my toturials in the class, and I cant wait, for you all to see what came out of that. Wonderful to see 12 angels appering, all different, all magical and special.
THANKS again to all the woman that came and helped me realize my project, cant wait for the next one :-) (has a full-time job, that gets in the way though....!)

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  1. Congratulations on your successful class! I knew a week ago that they'd go home loving art journaling and loving you as a teacher! I'm proud of you!