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Trine Pettigrew

mandag den 17. marts 2014

Time to move!

Its been a long time coming! Yes, I am moving my container and all of my belongings into his little gem of a traditional Danish thatched house.
I want to take this opportunity, to thank all my family, friends and their friends....for letting me live out my dream for the last 2 and a bit years!
Thank you for letting me into your homes, getting to be a part of so many amazing families, all over the world.
It has been an amazing journey. So many memories of laughter, good food, art and nature.
Thank you to all my old and new friends, who made it possible for me to come and teach art. I would love to come back, as I met so many wonderful woman, learning and teaching, exchanging cultures.
Its time for me to get my suitcase unpacked, set up my workspace and sleep in my own bed!!
My door will always be open, I owe you all BIG TIME!
Thank you, and may 2014 be THE year for all of us!

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