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Trine Pettigrew

onsdag den 7. marts 2012

Palma´s Journal

 It´s amazing how your muse sweeps in, looks around and takes over. For my spread in Palma´s journal, in the European Circle Swap, all I knew was: I want a Raven (Palma´s favourite animal) in here some how.....
 And simplicity was another word that came to me ..... Green and red watercolour and black ink.
 One verse from Poe`s poem. The Raven. I hope she will like it :)
 The sign in tag..

3 kommentarer:

  1. That is FANTASTIC!!! I love the bold colours and it is so me.. You added a raven ♥

  2. oh my GOSH!!! super-gorgeous RAVEN painting!!!